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Re: Slicing Bread

"Zoe: Coombs" <coombs@bigvax.alfred.edu>
Wed, 29 Mar 1995 11:30:49 EST
Funny that the topic just came up now :-)   I was visiting my mother in
Florida a week ago and she had just acquired a Presto slicer with Presto
electric (serrated blades) knife.  I was so impressed with it that I
ordered one too and I used it for the first time last weekend (on a dense
rye bread).  Wonderful!  It's billed as being especially for bread machine
breads (my mother has a DAK, mine is a Mister Loaf because I couldn't
replace my DAK).  The thing is a u-shaped cradle that you put the bread
into and it has slots all along that you put the knife into.  The knife,
of course, can also be used on other things (that's how I justified the
expense <smile> to myself).  And you can slice the bread while it is
still warm!