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slicing tip

Thu, 30 Mar 1995 08:45:36 EST
We got a Presto Bread Slicing guide for Christmas last year
from my wonderful Sister-In-Law Sue.  We love the guide; it
perfectly fits the HUGE loaves from our DAK TurboBaker IV. 
The Presto slicer is just a big cradle with fingers that
reach up both sides of the loaf.  It has rubber feet to keep 
it from sliding around on the counter.  You simply slice in
between the fingers, and there you have it!  A long bread 
knife works best, but we use a regular sized bread knife 

We were very suspicious of this contraption at first.  The
guide is a huge, space-consuming plastic contraption that
seemed sure to do little more than scatter crumbs all over
the kitchen.  It does scatter crumbs (putting it on
newspaper or a towell makes it slide around to much --
defeating the nice rubber feet) and it occupies about as
much space as a food processor, but we like it just the