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Please Help!

vida@crsa.bu.edu (Vida Jakabhazy)
Wed, 22 Mar 1995 14:30:04 -0500
While researching which bread machine to purchase, I was lent the
recipe booklet to the DAK R2D2-like machine by a dear friend.
Unfortunately, my car was broken into the other night and my bag
stolen along with the booklet.  I feel just terrible about it and
would like to find out if anyone who has moved on from their DAK
to another machine would mind either xeroxing the recipe booklet
(I will gladly compensate him or her for time and expenses) or
send/sell me their old copy.  It won't replace all the notes and
splatters in the margins of her original copy, but it would sure
make me feel a lot less guilty about the whole affair.  (I feel
so much worse about the loss of that booklet than my cd discman
which was also taken.)

Any help would be enormously appreciated!!!

Vida Jakabhazy