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question about loaf shaping

"Beverly Bradley" <Beverly_Bradley@psislidell.com>
24 Mar 1995 09:32:58 -0600
                      question about loaf shaping
Recently, there have been several magazine articles about specialty breads , but
they seem to include only 'ingredient and mixing' recipes, and not shaping
instructions . . .  My mother taught me to bake, but we always used loaf pans. 
Can anyone explain to me how to shape a round loaf of bread ?  
         How do you best achieve a round shape ?  
         How do you prevent a big hollow hole in the middle ?  
         How big a loaf can you make ?  (in other words, do I use the equivalent
of a loaf pan, or does one loaf pan of dough equate to two round loaves ?)  
        Do you have to use more flour, and make a stiffer dough, to keep it from
oozing down into a pancake ?  Any advice will be welcomed. . .        

Thank you. 
     Beverly Bradley