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Re: Garlic in dough

Tue, 07 Feb 1995 12:56:05 -0500 (EST)
Brian Hostetler wrote:  
>I made pizza dough the other day and put fresh garlic in it (pressed).
>The dough didn't rise and had a crumbly texture.  Has anyone
>successfully added garlic to their dough?

I have several times made the Garlic-Basil Sourdough bread from Donna
German and Ed Wood's book _Worldwide Sourdoughs from your Bread
Machine_.  (I recommend the book, by the way.  It has quite a few
recipes that are well worth baking.)  They comment that they have
heard about rising problems when using fresh garlic but that this
particular recipe has been no problem to them.  I have had no problem
with it either.  It has risen quite well for me.  I have no idea what
circumstances cause the rising problem or why their recipe avoids it,
but it is clear to me that fresh pressed garlic *can* be used in a
bread recipe.

Paul Neubauer                                00prneubauer@bsu.edu