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Possibly-dead Welbilt?

popcorn@cyberspace.org (Valerie Mates)
Thu, 6 Oct 94 16:52 EDT
Help!  My R2-D2 style Welbilt has performed flawlessly for years, until
this morning.  I put some cold ingredients into the machine and wanted
to give them some time to warm up.  I'd never used the timer cycle before
but I figured that if I said I wanted my bread ready in 5 hours it would
give the ingredients a bit of time to get closer to room temperature.
Then I changed my mind because I wanted to watch the consistency of the
mixture as the machine started kneading.  I pressed lots of buttons to try
to convince it that I didn't want to make bread on the timer after all.
(Where's the control-C key on this thing anyway?!)  Next, I pressed
Start.  The machine clicked and the kneading light came on, but nothing
else happened.  I pressed Stop.  I experimented some more with lots of
buttons.  No go.  I unplugged it, replugged it, set the time, and pressed
Start.  All it does is turn on its Kneading light and make a click sound
but nothing else happens.  I think the timer question is probably a
red herring and there's something wrong with some internal mechanism.
I tried tightening the bowl in case that was the problem but it didn't

Has anybody else seen this problem?  Was there a solution, or did you
have to buy a new breadmaker?

Is there any good way to get a gloopy un-kneaded mess out of the bowl
of an R2D2 model without having it spill all over the innards?  I'm
planning to turn the whole machine upside down, but this sounds like
a Bad Idea.

I think I remember seeing a posting on this list, once upon a time, that
listed troubleshooting tips from DAK customer service.  Has anybody saved
that posting?  If so, could you e-mail it to me?  I would much appreciate it!

-Valerie Mates