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soft pretzel question

ellen@brakes.elekta.com (Ellen C.)
Mon, 10 Oct 1994 18:27:23 -0500
When making soft pretzels, should you let the dough rise once, twice, or
not at all ?

I downloaded a recipe for garlic herb pretzels from the Fatfree mailing
list archives and the instructions do not refer to any degree of rising.
(The recipe does include active yeast.) So, should I let it rise ??

If you'd like for me to post the recipe, I will be happy to do so.

BTW, I have only received one digest from this list and that was several
weeks ago.  Is the list still around ?  Any help on getting my subscription
straighened out will be appreciated!

[Note From Jim C.: You are on the list; I don't know what's up.]
Ellen C.