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Re: BREAD Digest V5 #35

fritz@ben.dev.upenn.edu (Katherine Fritz)
Tue, 13 Sep 94 9:33:24 EDT
I'm perversely pleased to see others as annoyed as I was at Josh Haygood's
comments about "real" bread and breadbaking... ;-p

It seems that not everyone who subscribes to this list realizes that it
was originally created *specifically* for people who use bread machines. 
As it has grown and prospered and even changed moderators (Hi, Jim!!),
we've seen an influx of "handmade" recipes from folks who make their bread
sans machine.  All well and good, and I'm happy to share this list with
anyone who's interested in breadbaking of *any* type...

HOWEVER...snide comments about bread machines are NO WAY NOHOW
appreciated.  If the only way I could get fresh bread was to make it with
my own two hands, I'd never have any -- I don't have the time! --
*especially* now that I have a three month old infant.  I realize that
making bread by hand is not hard, but it IS time-consuming, and time I
don't got!!  And don't suggest making it on weekends -- weekends are now
reserved for catching up on everything that had to slide during the week
-- necessities like laundry, grocery shopping, bill paying, playing with
my little boy... Thank goodness for my Welbilt ABM-100!

In short, feel free to share anything about bread, tips, recipes,
anecdotes, by machine or not, whatever -- but remember that this list was
created for bread machine bakers and be careful who you insult!! 

You can have the soapbox back now...

BTW, I appreciated the anecdotes about breadbaking in Japan.  I read once
that the Japanese invented the bread machine, thinking erroneously that it
would go over big with the Japanese, and never dreaming that there would
be such a big market for them in the U.S...

Katie Fritz
Internet: fritz@ben.dev.upenn.edu   CompuServe: 71257,3153