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"Real" Bread

Andrew Evans <aevans@cais.cais.com>
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 10:25:20 -0400 (EDT)
OK, Josh, that was enough to get me to delurk ;)

I too have baked my share of "real" bread, long before investing in a 
machine.  Unlike you, however, I *have* used (and still use, almost 
daily) a bread machine.  Let me assure you that the whole-grain, organic 
whole wheat, Anadama, and cinnamon-raisin breads that this wonderful 
invention churns out are every bit as real as the stuff I used to (and 
still do, when time permits) always make by hand.  I have one advantage 
now over you -

I CAN MAKE BREAD IN MY SLEEP!  Unless you pull an allnighter, there is 
just no other way to have bread fresh from the oven *for breakfast*, *on 
a work day* (Josh, if you are a professional baker (are you?) then you 
are an exception to this rule, and more power to you.  I program 
computers for a living, so this is a big deal to me ;)   )

Please *do* post recipes - variation is the spice of life.  And besides, 
I need more of them to *adapt for my machine* <G> !

> From: Josh Haygood <haygood@netcom.com>
> >    I have been a bread baker for a long time and have never used 
> >machine; other than my oven, of course. I wonder if those of you weaned 
> >off of real baking with the bread machines would appreciate some real 
>                                                                   ^^^^
> >bread recipes which are made the traditional way-two hands, ingredients, 
> >oven. Simple. I would also like to hear from any of you with a similar 
> >affinity for actual home-baked bread. Please send recipes.