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carrot bread

helen@mbbs.com (Helen Fleischer)
Tue, 13 Sep 94 21:08:00 -0820
Br> I can get whole wheat flour here and occasionally make bread from
Br> scratch, to
Br> the amazement of my Japanese friends. I would love to find a whole wheat
Br> bread recipe that makes somewhat moist, dark bread using other
Br> ingredients: carrot or pumpkin, perhaps? Josh Haygood, where are you?

I'm not Josh, but I'll tell you what I do...

I have a 1 1/2 pound Welbilt and I make a moist dark bread using carrot
pulp saved from my juicer (can you tell I like gadgets?). To a standard
raisin bread recipe I add 1 cup of pulp and reduce the water in the
recipe by 1/2 cup. I like a tsp of cinnamon in this, too. Since the
moisture content of juicer pulp can vary, my failsafe for the water 
is to start the machine with everything added but the raisins, but with
only about half the water I expect to use. Then after a few minutes of 
mixing I drizzle water in SLOWLY till the dough forms a smooth, 
slightly sticky ball. Too sticky and the bread tends to fall. Too dry
and the bread is a bit too dense and dry. Have fun!  

Another favorite substitution is to use malted barley powder/flour
instead of the sugar called for in the recipe. I find that at a
Korean market in Rockville, MD. Perhaps they have that in Japan, too?

              Helen Fleischer

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