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QUESTION- delayed bake opt

"Krissy Recktenwald" <Krissy_Recktenwald@star9gate.mitre.org>
10 May 1994 13:00:53 -0500
                       Subject:                       Time:1:00 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          QUESTION:  delayed bake option...  Date:5/10/94
I returned a bread machine because every loaf I attempted on the 
delayed bake option (up to 13 hours) did not rise.  I had tried each 
recipe on normal bake and the loaves rose perfectly, so I suspect 
that the yeast got damp while it was sitting in the bread machine, 
even though I had layered liquids, solids, yeast as directed.  Has 
anyone had success with delayed bake (if so what brand machine), or 
do I have to buy a machine with a yeast dispenser?  
thanks, krissy