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"Robin Rosenbaum" <robinr@ichips.intel.com>
Fri, 13 May 1994 20:16:40 -0700 (PDT)
Paul A. Sue (P.Sue@CdnAir.CA) wrote:
> I'd like to buy a bread machine for my wife's birthday (she's been 
> hinting for one) ... what is a good manufacturer/model ??

My husband bought me this one for Christmas/Housewarming; it makes good
loaves and is easy to clean.  It hasn't a lot of features but does have
the virtue of being $20 cheaper than anything else sold around here:

MK Home Bakery Mister Loaf, Model HB-210.215
MK Seiko Co., Ltd.
1825 Amenomiya, Kohshoku-Shi
Nagano-Ken 387, Japan

I'm just as happy about the small number of features (three bake modes,
one dough mode, a timer, no yeast dispenser) because the most useful
feature in my opinion is ease of cleaning :-)

Ruth C Perry <perryrc@battelle.org> wrote:
> If any of you have favorite cookbooks, maybe you can share them 
with us.

I bought my first bread cookbook (other than the user's guide that 
came with) last weekend.  Made 3 loaves from it so far and they all 
turned out great.

The Bread Machine Bakery Book_, by Richard W. Langer (1991: Little, 
Brown, & Co, Boston/Toronto/London)

Here's a selection of recipes: garlic herb bread, tomato bread, double
chocolate bread, various multigrain breads, pumpkin bread, mock 
brioche... and a bunch of more "ordinary" breads.

There's a volume 2 availible that I'll be picking up as opportunity 

Banana Bread Recipe Question:  I made the following recipe from the 
bread machine user's guide.  Actually this is modified; the recipe 
verbatim from the guide didn't work at all.  It made a nice, moist, 
slightly heavy but pretty well risen loaf--well, the texture was good 
for tearing off chunks and eating :-9

The problem: the banana flavor was all but subliminal.  This with 
twice as much banana as the recipe *originally* had called for...  Is 
it possible to make something more banana-y?

(1lb loaf)
3 1/2 oz water
2 1/3 c  bread flour
1     T  sugar
1     t  salt
1     T  butter (I use stick margarine)
1/2   T  nonfat dry milk
2/3   c  mashed banana
1 1/2 t  active dry yeast

Robin Hilp, robinr@ichips.intel.com