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Any machines have a sourdough cycle?

obrien@netcom.com (No parking EXCEPT FOR BOB)
Tue, 10 May 1994 11:33:32 -0700 (PDT)
I still have an old DAK "R2D2" that works well.  Of course,
I've probably only averaged two loaves a month in the six years
or so I've owned it.  But it's not able to give me the cycle
I'd really like. 

I'd like to make sourdough in the machine in one sitting.  I have
no time for all the hand work of not using a machine.  I'd like a
cycle just like the 'french' setting I have, _except_ that I want
to be able to greatly lengthen the rise time.  I'd like to let
some doughs rise in the machine for up to 24 hours, then go right
into the bake cycle.

Does anyone know of such a machine?

By the way, I've had several good experiences with the old machine
and using yeast.  As I understand it, the yeast will kill off the
sourdough culture, but at least the yeast rises fast enough for
the machine cycle.  The latest recipe book from DAK has one recipe
for sourdough, and I simply double the amount of starter called for
and reduce the flour and water by 'guesstimate'
About 7 out of 8 of these come out just fine.  But, at least here
in the SFBay area, they get moldy if not consumed within a week.
DAK suggests a starter that involves milk, but I stick with my
GoldRush, or the GoldRush that's been fed mostly rye.

	Bob O`Bob