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Egg Replacer

popcorn@cyberspace.org (Valerie Mates)
Thu, 14 Apr 94 20:35 EDT
In Bread digest V5.14, someone asked about egg replacer.  I haven't tried it
in the breadmaker yet.

I discovered the stuff quite recently, at a pot luck dinner when someone
brought a broccoli and cornbread dish that was made with egg replacer
instead of eggs.  The dish was delicious, so I bought myself a box of egg
replacer to experiment with.

My first egg replacer endeavor was eggless brownies.  The egg replacer box
has instructions for how much egg replacer powder and how much water to use
to replace an egg.  So I calculated 2 eggs worth and added it to the brownie
mix instead of the eggs.  As I poured the brownie mix into the pan, the water
started to separate out.  I baked the brownies anyway and ended up with a
bunch of brownie ingredients, hard as a rock, sitting in a pool of water.

This was Ener-G egg replacer, so I called up the Ener-G company to ask what
had gone wrong.  They suggested whipping the egg replacer with the water
before mixing it into the brownie recipe.  They said (this sounds odd to me)
that in wheat recipes egg replacer tends to behave strangely.  (That could be
quite relevant to bread making.)  My guess at what happened is that all my
brownie ingredients were oil-based (butter, chocolate, etc.), and oil and
water don't mix, so the water separated out.

I'm planning to try making egg replacer brownies again, one day.

In the meantime, I have a pudding recipe that says to add an egg yolk for
extra richness.  Instead, I stirred in some egg replacer.  It seemed to
work OK: the pudding was a big hit!

-Valerie Mates