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Bread ingredients & additives

"Eisenreich, Pete" <Eisenrei@space1.spacenet.jhuapl.edu>
Fri, 15 Apr 94 08:53:00 edt
>   From: sullivan@fa.disney.com
>   Subject: Stuff in Whole Wheat Bread
>   When you get whole wheat bread in the store, it's often filled 
>   with yummy, chunky "things" that let you know it's not just flour 
>   I'm looking for something to add texture to the bread as plain 

King Arthur Flour (Mail order as The Bakers Catalog or something) sells
a 10-Grain Cerial that you add like cracked wheat (they send 
instructions).  They also sell cracked wheat, Rye berries, etc..  
800/777-4434.  They have a great (and informative catalog), but are 
somewhat expensive.  Have you tried sunflower seed?  I get these in the 
bulk-food section of the grocery quite cheap (raw, unsalted).

>   From: amyk@netcom.com (Amy Kurtzman)
>   Subject: Two new products for use in bread machine

>   ... Williams-Sonoma catalog. This product is called "Lora Brody's Bread 
>   Machine Boost." It is not clear exactly what is in it -- on the 
>   front of the package it says "This all natural blend of bakers' 
>   ingredients will dramatically improve the rise, texture, crumb, crust...

King Arthur Flour also sells this.  The catalog says it's a mixture of
Ascorbic Acid, Distatic Malt Powder and Vital Wheat Gluten.  All 
available separately for much less.   Gluten is available in many grocery 
stores and health food stores for ~$2.50/Lb. (Arrowhead Mills).  Some 
bread flours already contain Malt and Ascorbic Acid.  Check the label 
on Pillsbury or Gold Medal (don't remember which).  K.A. sells both.
I bought a pound of Malt powder.  This is about a 100 year supply (and
I don't notice any difference).

Ascorbic Acid is Vitamin C.  You can also get it at winemaker's/Beermaker's
supply shops.  It's also the major ingredient in "Fresh Fruit", that stuff 
you add to fruit when canning/freezing to keep it from turning brown.  I 
haven't tried this since I don't recognize the other ingredients, but I'm 
getting ready to try an experiment.  Fleischman's yeast also lists 
ascorbic acid as an ingredient.  I've seen suggestions to add a squirt 
of lemon juice, but don't know how close this is.

>  In Sears (of all places) I saw Red Star Bread Machine Yeast. It was $7
>  for a 7-ounce jar! Real sticker shock when I noticed the price since I

I see Fleischman's yeast is now labeled "Bread Machine Yeast".  Its around
$5/4oz.. around here.  The 2 Lb bag at the warehouse stores is a much
better deal, but they never have it in stock when I want it.  King Arthur
(again) sells a variety of yeast, including "Instant Bread Machine Yeast"
it's about $5/Lb.  It work asnd I use less than regular yeast, but its to
confusing for me to keep track of how much of which yeast, so I just use
regular.  I am trying K.A. "Special Inst. Yeast" for sweet and acid breads.
No conclusions yet.  They send a very informative sheet w/ the yeast 
explaining various strains. 

Disclaimer: I don't work for King Arthur or anything, but I think their 
catalog is great.  Also the customer severice is top notch.  The prices 
can be kinda high, but not as high as others (Williams-Sonoma).

-Pete E.