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tim.bandy@pcohio.com (Tim Bandy)
Fri, 15 Apr 94 23:19:00 -0500
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 Br> Bread Digest                Thu, 14 Apr 1994     Volume 5 : Issue  14 

 Br> Has anyone tried using an egg substitute in place of whole eggs in
 Br> their bread machien recipes? The package says they can be used in place
 Br> of eggs in cooking or baking. Any success or failure stories would be
 Br> appreciated.  Thanks, Heather


We watch our oil and colesterol fat intake in our house, so we rely
heavily on a very good book called "Butter Busters." The first 60
pages alone of this book is well worth the price of the book. In
it the author offers and rates replacements of ingredients of recipes
which are high in fat. The book is quite thick and it contains many
replacement recipes.

We learned from the book and trial and error how to replace eggs, butter
and lard. Ener G Egg Replacer works very well in recipes. Butter Buds
is great for a margerine replacement. Ener G works well for eggs (it is
nearly zero fat). Butter Busters is not the best replacement for butter
or margerine as a bread spread, but it is an excellent replacement for
margerine and butter. Butter Buds just came out with a low fat margerine.
We like it but some butter lovers hate it on bread. Fleshman's Ultra lite
is better for spreading on bread.

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