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Mon, 4 Apr 1994 12:28:28 -0400 (EDT)
Hi. I just discovered this list. Is there a FAQ?

We have a DAK Turbo. For about the first year, we were happy with the
results, but now the bread never seems to come out right. It looks right
in the pan (although sometimes may fall a little in the center) but
tends to be extremely fragile in the upper part of the loaf, towards the
center, with a very coarse, bubbly texture. This is so bad that we
finally gave up using this machine.

What we were never able to figure out was whether the machine was at
fault, or whether the ingredients we were using were at fault. Sometimes
by an apparent fluke we'd get a good loaf of bread one day, but the next
day, the identical procedure would yield a terrible loaf.

We tend to use whole grains only, but have exerimented with many
different combinations of yeasts, flours, other ingredients,
temperatures, etc. in order to try to solve this problem.

I realize this description is vague (I haven't actually used the machine
for 6 months).

Any ideas?

Bob Sidebotham