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paddle scrapping bowl (DAK)

edler@jan.ultra.nyu.edu (Jan Edler)
Tue, 5 Apr 1994 14:48:05 -0400
I have a problem with our DAK Turbo II machine:
After we had the machine only about a year, the paddle began scrapping
the bottom of the bowl, gouging out the teflon and aluminum.  We
stopped eating the bread, being unwilling to add aluminum to our diet.
After fiddling around a bit, making sure the screws were tight,
grinding a bit off the paddle, etc., it didn't get better.  In fact, it
got worse:  serious metal fatigue failure (cracks) in the bottom of the
bowl.  I ordered a new bowl and paddle (which took months to arrive),
thinking that would solve the problem, but it gouged into the aluminum
the very first time we tried it again (last week).

Has anyone else had this kind of problem?  I'm having trouble getting
DAK on the phone, but I'm not hopeful they will do anything.  I
probably won't buy another DAK machine.  The first one lasted a couple
years, and we were very happy with it, but it died of a deteriorated
drive gear.  Maybe I expect too much, but I think these things should
last longer.  We probably make 2+ loaves/week).

Jan Edler