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gas stove vs. electric

Mon, 4 Apr 1994 09:13:17 -0600
Hey folks.  I'm new to the list.  I live in Montgomery, Alabama.  It's
raining today.  The wisteria, once blanketing the trees with a beautiful
purple, now blankets the streets with fading flowers.  Dogwoods are
blooming strong here, and today it's raining.  I like to bake bread.  This
would be a great bread baking day, if I was not at work.  I'm trying to
perfect grapefruit bread, which I'll share with you when I make it and I
like it.  I have an old, old, ancient gas stove.

Question:  Does bread bake differently in a gas stove, as opposed to an
electric (i.e., does it come out more dry, thicker,...)?

Christopher X. Shade