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Freezing Dough

Betty Kuenzel <bkuenzel@bigcat.missouri.edu>
Mon, 4 Apr 1994 14:59:55 -0500 (CDT)
Hi, bread people!  I'm new to the list, but have read the archives.  Am 
curious about two things:

1.  I have a baby Welbilt (the 1 lb. loaf with no bells and whistles) 
which I intend to use as long as it works; however, having read the 
discussions about various features, think I'd like to get a Zojirushi 
(next time) because of being able to customize the cycles (longer rising 
times, etc.).  My machine doesn't have different cycles, only light, med. 
and dark crust.  Anyway - where do you buy the Zoji.  Dept. stores? Mail 

2.  I think I'd like to experiment with freezing dough - perhaps to make 
rolls, and then thaw and bake as needed (or cinnamon rolls, pizza dough, 
whatever...).  At what point in the cycle do you remove the dough?  I'm 
assuming you take it out before the final rise, shape it and freeze it?

Thanks for the tips!

Betty Kuenzel
Columbia, Missouri