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BREAD Digest V5 #13

tim.bandy@pcohio.com (Tim Bandy)
Sun, 10 Apr 94 22:16:00 -0500

Thanks for the feed back. I read complaints about both the Dak and
the smaller R2D2 machines that were two years old. I wonder if your
R2D2-type Welbilt experience dates back two years or more. I have
recommended refurbished ones such as we own to several friends. They
are happy with theirs also.

BTW, DAMART is a good mail order company to order from. I am a techie
who buys from DAMART- which is an electronics liquidator and mass
buyer- whenever I can. Most of the electronics in my home and office
came from DAMART. We have purchased heavily from DAMART almost from
the time DAMART went into business about four years ago.

DAMART sells quite a few refurbished items. Due to my experience with
DAMART refurbished items, I do not hesitate to buy such items from
DAMART. They have always looked brand new and have worked flawlessly.
We buy only brand name refurbished items. The fact that they exist
does not indicate anything bad about either the product or the company.
Every company finds defective items in the quality control process.

Having had mass production experience as a business consultant, I can
tell you that with quality products when something goes wrong the
malfunction is often the same one or two things. The way I see it
a factory refurbished sony cordless phone is better than non-refurbished.
Think of the mathematical improbability that a product which already
has been found to have "what can go wrong, go wrong" having something
else go wrong.

Refurbished DAMART products come with warranties. 
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