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Bread Machine Magic cookbook (was: What went wrong?)

dsr@philabs.Philips.Com (Deborah Rech)
Wed, 12 May 93 09:23:16 EDT
After hearing much praise for this cookbook, I special ordered it from
Barnes & Noble a couple of months ago.  I have generally had very good
success with the recipes from it in my Hitachi machine.  However, the
last recipe I tried with buttermilk, an egg, and a combination of whole
wheat and bread flour did not rise fast enough.  It was too dense for my
tastes.  The next time I made it I used the machine through the first
rise and then dumped it in a loaf pan to cook in the oven.  I do this
from time to time anyway since my 8-year-old prefers a conventional-
shaped loaf for school sandwiches . 8^)  BTW, the buttermilk bread was
fine when allowed to rise a little longer.

As to failure of the Jalapeno Cheese Bread from Bread Machine Magic, I also
think it sounds like there wasn't enough liquid if the recipes called for
3 cups of flour.  I find that I always need 1 1/8 cups liquid.  Any more
and the loaf sags when it cooks; any less and the loaf doesn't mix well.