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Bread Machine Magic

12 May 1993 14:24 EDT
In answer to Steve A. Hocevar:
I guess what I'm asking is....does anyone have this book (Bread
Machine Magic) and what are your experiences with the receipes in it?

Yes, Steve, I have this book.  I collect cookbooks (have 1700+) and
have probably 10 on bread machines alone.  Bread Machine Magic is
my FAVORITE bread machine book.  I have never had a failure with
any recipe I've tried from it (but haven't tried the Jalapeno/Cheese
bread).  The San Francisco Sourdough French bread is my husband's
favorite.  I make it on the manual setting and use a French bread
pan, spray the loaf, and keep a pan of boiling water in the oven
during baking.  The loaves are wonderful!

Sorry to hear you're having trouble.  I wonder if it is because
you are trying the recipes in a different brand machine?  I forget
what kinds the authors used in their tests...mine is a Welbilt
(R2D2 model).

Arlene Osborne