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Re: Bread Machine Magic

obrien@netcom.com (No parking EXCEPT FOR BOB)
Wed, 12 May 93 12:38:01 PDT
> Subject: Storing yeast

I keep mine in the fridge, but spoon it out into the pan as the very
first step.  It seems to be able to warm up adequately this way.

> Subject: What went wrong?
> I just purchase "Bread Machine Magic" and tried the receipe for "Jallepeno
> Cheese Bread".  It was a failure.  A big lump of dense something.

> I guess what I'm asking is....does anyone have this book and what are your
> experiences with the receipes in it?

I haven't tried that one, but "Linda's Easy Potato Bread" has become
a favorite of mine.  I have a DAK "R2D2" BTW.  I don't keep fresh milk
around, so I've worked out a substitution.  For the milk and water
(3/4 cup milk, 3/8 cup water + 3Tbsp if DAK/Welbuilt)
I substitute 1-1/4 c water and 2Tbsp milk powder.

Does anyone know if milk powders are all the same strength?  Is there
a guideline, or is working it out as I did from the ratios always
a good idea?

As for the book, I also like all the Pumpernickels
and "Briscoe's Irish Brown Bread"

I may try the sourdough starter just out of curiosity.

Has anyone had success making sourdough in a machine?
I'd *really* like to do that.

My biggest complaint so far about the book is the repeated use
of 3/8 cup measures.  I know how to fake it, but does *anyone*
really have one calibrated like that?

	Bob O'Bob