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Bad Jalapeno Bread

Thu, 13 May 93 08:32:04 CDT
> I just purchase "Bread Machine Magic" and tried the receipe for "Jallepeno
>Cheese Bread".  It was a failure.  A big lump of dense something.

>It called for 1/2 cup sourcream and 1/8 cup water and 1 egg.  Thats all for the
>liquid.  I would expect more.  It also mentioned to put the jallepenos and the
>cheese in with all the over ingrediencs.  I have a Regal with a rasin bread
>setting so that stuff like jalledpenoes and cheese can be added into the batter
>10 minutes before the end of the kneeding cycle so they don't get chewed up too
>much.  Why didn't the receipe say to add these ingredience then?

>I guess what I'm asking is....does anyone have this book and what are your
>experiences with the receipes in it?



	I can't give you too much advice about your
big lump of hard, hot stuff except to say that every
time I've tried esoteric recipes involving little water
I had at least one failure in the beginning.  (I remember
an absolutely *awful* experience with a lemon poppyseed
bread recipe that I got on the net.)
	The success that I had were basically due to
two things 1.) Very fresh and an adequate amount of yeast
and 2.) careful measurement of ingredients and settings
on the breadmaker.
	If you haven't used the breadmaker often (yet)
try sticking to more simple and, admittedly bland, recipes
like white and whole wheat. Once you've mastered these
the Jalapeno Bread will probably turn out much better...

Mike Longo
Bread Fan, Welbilt Man