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Pizza Dough Success

kla@karen.webo.dg.com (Karen Plaskon)
Thu, 4 Mar 93 9:37:31 EST
Regarding Donna German's books, Clay Jackson said:

> I also feel uncomfortable about that.  As a general comment, I've found
> her books (got all three) give VERY spotty results with my DAK machine.
> Most of the receipes have required additional liquid, and some (like
> the Pizza Dough one) I've tried repeatedly and never got right.  Has
> anyone else had a similar experience?

I often make the sourdough pizza dough recipe from her first book and have
wonderful results.  I have a small Welbilt machine and I use the Medium
size recipes.  I've found that only letting the dough knead for a short
time (about 4 minutes) helps to keep it from becoming too sticky.  I usually
freeze the dough and use it sometime later.


--  Karen