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Flour Storage Discovery

mswigint@msw104i.b24b.ingr.com (Margaret Wiginton)
Mon, 8 Mar 93 8:29:52 CST
Hi folks,

This may be obvious to the rest of you, but it took me a while
to figure this out ...

Years ago, I read that, to ensure maximum freshness, you should
store flour in the freezer.  I've been doing so ever since, and
when I got a breadmachine last Christmas and started buying many
different types of flours, I stored them all in the freezer, too.
(Of course, flour doesn't freeze into a block or anything;
its stays dry and powdery.)  Well, the other day, it dawned on me
that adding this VERY cold flour to my breadmachine might be
inhibiting the rising.  So, I took all my flour out of the freezer
and let it reach room temperature.  Since then, I've made about
four loaves -- each one rose so much that it stuck to the lid of
the breadmachine, and the texture was *incredibly* light and fluffy!
So ... no more flour freezer storage for me.

As my young niece would say, "Duh!"