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Re: BREAD Digest V4 #9

Warren.Clark@East.Sun.COM (Warren Clark - Online Publishing)
Thu, 4 Mar 93 10:36:05 EST
Yesterday, my wife put the little paddle from our WelBuilt DAK R2D2
Bread Maker into the Garbage Disposal.  Fortunately, the Garbage
Disposal was not damaged - I can't say the same about the little

Anybody out there have a "burned out" machine?  Maybe we could work out
a deal on some of the parts.  Besides the paddle, I would kind of like
to replace the pan as well as the the little pin that sticks into the
side of the pan.  We have made so much bread that the pin no longer
goes in tightly.  (Newer DAK machines do not seem to have this pin
arrangement, but I imagine that the paddle is the same.)

If anyone has an extra paddle or pan or pin, please let me know.
I would especially like to hear from you if you live in the
Boston area

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