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realini@med.unc.edu (Anthony David Realini)
Thu, 18 Feb 93 21:12:05 EST
	I bought my wife a Dak machine three years ago, and to be real honest,
neither of us has been overly impressed with the quality of the bread it makes.
The consistency of the loaves has been the biggest problem--the white is too
coarse, and the crust is entirely too thick and crunchy, despite all the
recommended modifications.
	This week we finally decided to consider our machine a bread-*kneading*
machine, and after the manual cycle runs through, we pop out the dough, toss
it in a loaf pan, let it rise 25-30 minutes, then bake at 350 degrees for about
a half-hour. The result: the best bread I've ever had, with a total prep time
of just over an hour from the time we start getting our ingredients out to the
time we start pigging out.
	Of course, it's not as neat and handy as we'd have liked, but we're at
least *using* the machine again.

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