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"Allen J. Michielsen" <AMICHIEL@Sunrise.Syr.Edu>
Fri, 19 Feb 1993 10:53 EST
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>From: Rick Myers <rcm@col.hp.com>
>Subject: Gluten availability[B

>> Jane Marcus: jane@apollo.hp.com:
>> I suggest that you add 2 tablespoons of gluten.  Gluten will take care of...
>> ...  I often use gluten in recipes that do not have bread flour
>> as the primary ingredient.  You might experiment to see how much you need....

>Gluten is readily available from almost any health/natural/organic
>food store - you should not have to mail order it.  It sells for
>$2.00 to $3.00 a pound, less if you buy in bulk.

   Having done this myself, I can easily relate the following...  Nobody
seems to know what 'Gluten' is, nor can they find it any of their standard
'health source' catalogs.  However, it is often listed under something like
"Whole Wheat Gluten, Pure Wheat Gluten Extract, or Natural Wheat Gluten"
The Key words seems to be WHEAT Gluten in combination with a Whole, Pure,
&/or Natural.  I stumbled across it in a old fashioned (industrial/resturant)
supply, for about $ .70 /lb.
  I supose that gluten from other types of grain is possible, but that the
wheat kernel is high (highest) in high quality gluten suitable for breads.