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Pre-made bread mixes

Sun, 21 Feb 93 15:05:06 PST
Many of the classier department stores have bread mixes that
have everything in them, except for the water. The jest being
is that you dump it in, add the water, and press go on whatever
maker you have. Haven't tried these yet, but with some of the
interesting flavors offered, I am tempted. The downside of these
is the cost per loaf. They are just as high, if not higher than
commercially prepared loaves.

One thing I have found and am trying is a box of mixes that I
got at Costco Wholesale. Krusteaz Bread and Roll Mix has six
different bread mixes and yeast in the box:
	Honey Wheat Berry
	Garden Herb
	Harvest Wheat
	Cracked Wheat

Anyhow, although more expensive that getting the ingredients myself
and mixing them together, it is less expensive than the ones at the
department stores. I am giving them a try this weekend, and will let
everyone know how they turn out!


	Renee Roberts (Renee@cup.portal.com)