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Re: Burnt-tasting crust

hyler@ast.saic.com (Buffy Hyler)
Thu, 28 Jan 93 08:24:44 PST
>I have a wonderful recipe for orange bread, but no matter what I do,
>the outside of the crust comes out tasting burnt.  I suspect that
>the sugar in the bread (1/4 cup) is the problem, but I haven't found
>a solution.  Anybody have any ideas?

You didn't say what type of machine you were using, but if it is
a DAK/Welbilt R2D2 there is a control on the side to control the
temperature going from 'light' to 'dark'.  Whenever I make a
sweet bread I crank this all the way to light the first time I
make the recipe and then make a note on how the crust came out.
Mostly that is the correct setting for my machine.  But I usually
set it towards light on all my recipes so my temperature control
might be slightly biased towards dark.  Check your machine and
your manual to see if it talks about this setting.  Oh, I am
also assuming you are using the Sweet Bread setting to cook.

Buffy Hyler (hyler@ast.saic.com)
SAIC, Campus Point
San Diego, California