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Hitachi at COMB for $148

William Martin <check@STL-06SIMA.ARMY.MIL>
Mon, 7 Oct 1991 09:03:00 GMT
There have been several postings to the list regarding the Hitachi Model

HBB-101 (or similar model numbers); I wanted to let y'all know that this
model is listed on page 4 of a new COMB catalog I just got in the mail.
There doesn't seem to be a catalog number; the stock number for this
item is C0706-7180 and the price is $139.99 plus $8 ship & handling.
The fine print says "factory-reconditioned to perform like new"
(actually, if it's reconditioned, I hope and expect it to perform
_better_ than new... :-).

Since the experiences with this Hitachi that have been posted have been
favorable, this might be a good deal. I have never ordered from COMB
myself, and the firm has a poor reputation, so that's the only drawback.
COMB's phone is 800-328-0609 or 612-654-4800. This catalog also has a
offer for first-time customers of a watch for $4.99 with no shipping
extra, if you are buying something else -- a stainless-steel case Wilson
"sports chronograph" LCD model, for which you have to specify
stock # C3649-7180. (You can buy more than one, if you want.)

Regards, Will