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Rick Turley <rickt@hpfccg.sde.hp.com>
Fri, 19 Apr 1991 09:03:00 GMT

Thank you to the folks who noticed that Molasses Oatmeal Bread ought to
have molasses in it!!  Please see the addition below.


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>From: Jane Marcus <janem@hpfcls.fc.hp.com>
Subject: molasses oatmeal recipe

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>Molasses adds a delicious flavor to this moist, old-fashioned bread.
>INGREDIENTS                     ABM-100           ABM-300/350
>Yeast                           1 pkg             1 1/2 tsp
>bread flour                     3 cups            2 cups
>oatmeal                         2/3 cups          1/2 cups
>salt                            2 tsp             1 1/2 tsp
>oil (80 degrees)                1/4 cups          3 T

molasses (80 degrees)		 1/4 cups	   3T

>water (80 degrees)              1 1/3 cups        1 cup
>SETTING                         White Bread       LIGHT
>                                10 o'clock

Here's a recipe I got from the archive, except there isn't any
molasses listed in the ingredients.  Would the submitter please
check the recipe and repost so I can try it?

Jane Marcus

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