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Sourdough Bread

Sat, 26 Jan 1991 09:02:00 GMT
Hi Fellow Breadmakers!

Have any of you experimented with sourdough bread in your machines??
My all time favorite bread (well, after raisin) is sourdough but I 
haven't seen any recipes adapted for the makers.  Anyone have a
recipe or any ideas for adapting a regular one?  Never having made one
the regular way, I am a little leery of experimenting without 
some advice.

I have a Hitachi, which I love.  I haven't had many problem -no gooey
bread centers; just some that rose too high and bumped the top.
My only complaint is the lack of recipes that came with it, and the
few that it has don't call for enough yeast.  My friend, who has a
DAK, loaned me her recipe book and I have tried many.  My favorites
are the Maple-Oatmeal and Onion-Dill; the worst was one of the dense
oatmeal breads with the heart by it.  It would have broken my foot
if it had fallen on me.

Thanks, and happy Breadmaking!
aka smack@aerospace.aero.org