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Re: bread Digest V1 #19 (Gooey centers)

uunet!telesoft!kami (Kami Olsson-Tapp @day)
Sat, 26 Jan 1991 09:03:00 GMT
Answers for Gary:

> Has anyone experimented with salvaging gooey bread?  I.e. cutting off
> a slice, discovering it's gooey, and tossing it in the oven a while
> to finish?  Would this work at all, and if so, would it only work
> if you did it before the bread cooled?

You could try slicing it an baking it into toast rusks. I believe that if you
were going to put it back into the oven, you would need to do it right away
without letting it cool.

> >   6) Oat Blend flour is wonderful. 

> How so?  Taste, texture, ?  Speaking of which, we made an oatmeal bread
> based on the DAK recipe and threw in some walnuts.  It was good,
> but it had sort of a "powdery" texture to it.  The recipe calls for regular
> non-instant oatmeal, but we used "quick" oatmeal because that's what we had
> on hand.  We ground it up in a blender like the recipe specified.
> Would it work better to use regular non-instant oatmeal? 

Oat Blend flour has great flavor and a nice texture -- it is not as dense as
whole wheat flour (the one whole wheat loaf I tried using the basic DAK recipe 
came out like a "healthy hockey puck"). It is a General Mills flour and is
available in San Diego in 2 and 5 pound sacks.

Try the DAK recipe oat again, but let the machine grind the oats -- we have
done this with great success. You can also add more oats at the beeps before 
fermentation to get some extra texture and a denser bread.