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Gooey center

bruceb@lccsd.sd.locus.com (Bruce M. Binder)
Sat, 26 Jan 1991 09:01:00 GMT

> These comments make me wonder if some of my "gooey center" problem
> is caused by weather changes.  For the first month or two the
> machine made great bread 2 or 3 times a week, but by December it
> was turning out gooey gunk.  I wonder if the winter temperature
> and/or humidity could be the culprit?  I suspect overnight bread
> would have particularly bad problems, since my setback thermostat
> lowers the temp to about 55-60F at night.  But lately all my bread
> has had gooey centers even when I started the machine right away
> during the day.

I had a similar situation.  I have posted in the past asking about
gooey centers, but I neglected to mention that the first few times
with the same recipes, the loaves came out fine.  I don't think it
was quite winter when I started getting gooey centers.  I wonder if
somehow the machine is at fault.  Maybe the heating element doesn't
get as hot.  Maybe the seals that keep in the heat are not working
as efficiently.  I think we should collectively try to figure this
one out before our warranties expire.

> >   8) Heavy breads (e.g., Anadama) come out gooey in the center.

> The heaviest I've made was the Onion Pecan bread in the DAK book.
> Which was wonderful, by the way!  It was heavy enough that it, and
> a bottle of red wine, made our dinner one night.  :-)  But it's not
> an incredibly dense loaf.  It sounds like there's no way to make
> dense bread in the DAK/Welbilt.  Oh well...

I made a loaf of Oat Bran Wheat bread from a DAK recipe.  The
directions warn that the loaf hardly rises and is about four pounds
when finished.  It is true; the loaf was "incredibly dense" (and
not too appetizing IMHO).  My point is it was cooked all the way
through with no gooey center.  This was in the first few weeks I
had the machine.  I have not tried this recipe recently.

I will post more as I know more.

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