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wheat bread

Sun, 26 Oct 2003 08:54:20 EST
I am sitting here this sunday morning reading the bread bakers digest as I
usually do first thing and am in tears to see the wonderful posting re my
signature recipe. I held my breath as I scrolled down because no one but me 
has ever
made this bread before. I am overjoyed that you have had the same reaction to
this amazing dough as I had. In fact, I just returned from europe last week
with some fantastic raw milk cheese and though time is short before 
starting on
my book tour, had to make just one bread to go with it. My choice was the
heart of wheat bread. just touching that dough helped to "ground" me and push
aside jet-lag. To think that other people out there are having the same 
as I is indescribably delicious. Thanks for sharing the joy.

rose levy beranbaum