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Bread machine to buy??

dsj <dsj@teleport.com>
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 11:47:58 -0800 (PST)
Hello everyone...
I hope it is okay to ask questions like this.  Since I haven't even received
one digest yet, I don't know how this list operates.  Please let me know if
I'm not doing this correctly...

I am brand new to the list, after having found out about it by asking a
question on my sewing lists about bread machines.  I am contemplating the
purchase of a bread machine and know next to nothing about them.  Hence, my

1.  What brand and model do you have?
2.  Do you like and use it regularly?
3.  Is it easy to clean?
4.  Is it too noisy?
5.  Any other help?

I received about 70 responses from my questions in two sewing lists, so I
know there are lots of people out there with these fascinating machines.  I
want to purchase the right one for our family (3-- including a 15-year-old
still-growing 6+ foot 200+ pound son who could probably eat a whole loaf of
fresh bread himself) that will be reliable and sturdy and produce wonderful

I do not currently make my own bread.  We seem to like sourdough best...is
this possible in a bread machine, and does keeping the starter going take
lots of fussing?

Sorry this is so long, but I have to start someplace.  Thanks for any help
you can give me.  You can email me privately, as well as to the list in case
there are others interested in my questions, so I don't have to wait a week
for the next digest.  

Thanks for your help
Sharon in Gresham, OR