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Yeast: instant vs rapid rise

"Ellen C." <ellen@elekta.com>
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 13:11:45 -0500
Jean at Ritterhaus wrote:

> Isn't the Red Star yeast carried by Sam's the instant kind?  That's what
>we >  > have in the Sam's here.  And that would explain the fact that it
>cannot be > > > risen as much as regular yeast.

There seems to be some confusion regarding "instant"  vs. "rapid rise"
yeast. Based on a lot of reading, and many conflicting counts, here is my

"Instant" yeast is NOT the same as the "rapid rise" or "quick-rise" yeasts.
These faster acting yeasts can not, in fact, withstand a third or
extra-long rise. However, the "instant" yeast can.

The "instant" doesn't refer to the rising action, but rather to the fact
that the yeast can be added as a dry ingredient and will dissolve when
mixed with the other bread ingredients. This is, obviously, ideal for bread
machines. "Regular"  yeast is typically first dissolved in liquid with some
sugar to get it going before adding it to the other ingredients.

Can anyone give us the absolute truth on instant yeast?


Ellen C.