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The BEST!!!

bredlady@softdisk.com (G Nuttall)
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 08:42:49 -0600 (CST)
This is, without a doubt, the best coffeecake I have made.  it is the most
requested from my friends/family.  I like to shape it as a wreath ( instead
of a candycane) and put a poinsettia in the middle as a decoration for
Christmas morning!



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Recipe By:      WCTC Yeast Breads Class
Serving Size:   3
Preparation Time:       0:00
Categories:     WCTC    Desserts        Sweet   Breakfast       Christmas

Amount  Measure Ingredient      Preparation Method
1       package active dry yeast
1/4     cup     warm water
1       cup     milk
2       large   eggs    beaten
4 1/4   cups    all-purpose flour       sifted
1/2     cup     sugar
1       teaspoon        salt
1       teaspoon        lemon rind      grated
1       cup     butter  cold
                CRANBERRY FILLING
1 1/2   cups    cranberries     finely chopped
3/4     cup     sugar
1/2     cup     raisins
1/3     cup     chopped pecans
1/3     cup     honey
1       teaspoon        orange rind     grated

Note:  I have made this dough using 70 degree water and allowed the dough
to rise while in the refrigerator.  It works fine!

Soften yeast in  warm  water  (110 degrees).  Heat milk  to  lukewarm,
blend in softened  yeast  and  eggs.  Combine  flour,  sugar,  salt  and
lemon rind.  Cut  in  butter  until  mixture  resembles  coarse  crumbs.
Add yeast mixture; mix well.       DOUGH IS SOFT!

Place  in   greased bowl; cover; refrigerate overnight.  Divide  dough into
Roll each third on floured  surface  into  a  6 x l5 inch  rectangle.  Spread
1/3 of Cranberry Filling lengthwise  down  center  of  dough  in  a  2 inch
wide strip.  Cut  dough  with  scissors  from  both  outer  edges  toward
filling.  Make cuts every  1/2 inch.  DO  NOT  CUT  TOO  CLOSE  TO  FILLING.

Crisscross pieces  of  dough  over  filling.  Place  on  greased  cookie
sheet. Stretch shaped  dough  to  about  20";  curve  top  to  form  a
cane. Let rise about 1/2 hr.  Bake at 3750 about 25 min. Frost
with thin  powdered  sugar  glaze  and  decorate  if  desired.  Makes  3

Combine all ingredients.  Cook  over  medium  heat  about  5  min-  Stir.

Notes:  This can be shaped as a wreath or braid too!

Serving Ideas:  Makes 3 coffeecakes

Per serving: 1858 Calories; 73g Fat (35% calories from fat); 28g Protein;
281g Carbohydrate; 295mg Cholesterol; 1415mg Sodium