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Mon, 16 Dec 1996 02:08:34 -0500
I have had very good luck with French bread and King Arthur Flour's recipe
for "Supermarket" Italian Bread.  KA sells a product called Italian Bread
Improver, a blend of pumpernickel flour, dry milk and potato starch, that
really produces a delicious, lighter loaf of bread. The recipe is on the bag.
 Catalogue can be obtained by calling 1-800-827-6836.  
The only different thing I do is let the dough rise two times, 1 or 2 hours
each time.  And I make the dough using a Cuisinart11.  It is fast, does the
kneading and produces one loaf at a time which is perfect for two people.  I
make all our bread using the food processor, even hamburger rolls and have
had good luck.  Do use your baking stone.  I shape the loaves, place on
parchment paper sprinkled with cornmeal (laid on a flat cookie sheet). Then I
slide paper and all onto the hot stone, which I preheat for at least 30
minutes at 450°.  I use water in the oven for steam, too.  The crust on this
bread is chewy too.  I have decided it is impossible to produce a light
crispy crust without the equipment available to professional bakers.

I will post the French bread recipe and method too.  It is Julia Child's "The
Way to Cook" food processor method of making bread and can be used to make
any kind of dough.

Remember not to use too much flour. The breads we make at home are country
style breads rather than the delicate baguettes sold in French bakeries.