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Questions, Questions

Danny Dunn <dandunn@flash.net>
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 20:38:31 -0600 (CST)
I have been saving several questions for some time now, so here goes -

1.  Does anyone have a good recipe for dog biscuits.  I have always wanted
to make homemade dog biscuits for my dogs, but I have never seen a recipe.

2.  I recently purchased some of Lora Brody's Sourdough Bread Enhancer at a
local kitchen store (I originally saw it listed in the King Arthur Catalogue
and couldn't resist). :-)
I tried using it in Basic White Bread and French Bread recipes, but I am not
completely happy with the results (the bread doesn't raise as well and the
taste is not much like sourdough).  Has anyone else had any experience with
this product or have any good recipes using it?

3.  I recently purchased some crumpet rings and made crumpets using the
recipe given on the box.  What a disappointment!  There weren't anything
like the great crumpets I have been served elsewhere at tea rooms.  Has
anyone got a good crumpet recipe?

4.  The Autumn 1996 King Arthur Catalogue (p 16) mentions the Bread Baker's
Guild of America.  Does anyone have any information on this organization.
Does it include amateurs as well as professionals.  Are the "Bread-Baking
Olympics" ever held in the US?

5.  Are there any good baking schools that amateurs can attend to learn
about bread baking, etc.  My wife and I think this might be a very enjoyable

If you feel any of these questions are not of general interest, please
E-mail me privately.  Thanks!

Danny L. Dunn <dandunn@flash.net> Ft. Worth, Texas 
"If you don't learn anything from your mistakes,
then there's no sense in making them!"