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Re: Bread machines capacity

"Ron Cochran" <cochran@vbe.com>
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 06:24:14 -0600
>Subject: Bread machines capacity
>Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 02:40:41 +0000

>I am new to bread machines, and in London, England, 
>I have only found a Hinari
>machine for 1.5 lb loafs. Since we are a growing 
>family of seven at the moment, 
>I was wondering if there are any other machines for bigger loafs.


I have a Zoji breadmachine that makes a 1.5lb. loaf.  I used to have a Mr.
Coffee machine that claimed to be able to make a 2lb. loaf, but in reallity
would only make a 1.5lb. loaf as well.  If I tried to make a 2lb. loaf in
it, the bread would touch to top of the oven.  I know that many machines in
the US advertise that they make a 2lb. loaf, and I assume that some really

Still, I have learned that people really use bread by volume and not by
weight. That is, you cut a slice to eat that "looks about right".  You
never weigh it.  The 1.5lb. loaf that my Zoji machine makes is a reasonable
sized loaf and works for our family just fine.


I sent in these questions to the list several weeks ago, but I never got any
answers.  I have also tried asking Zojirushi, but didn't get anywhere there
either.  I am starting to think that I just ask hard questions.

First, I use the "cake" cycle on my Zoji quite a bit.  I noticed that the
bake time on that cycle is 85min., but the Home Made cycle bake time is
limited to 60min.  I got one response that told me that the 85min. is
actually far too long, and the 60min. bake time in Home Made was fine.  But
I have used the Cake cycle for banana and apple breads, and the 85min. bake
time seemed fine for each of those.  What do you think?  If I need >60min.
for "bake" in Home Made, is there any way to get around this limit?

I also noticed that most of the times listed in my Zoji manual are ranges
and not times.  Even the 2nd knead cycle says 20-25min.  I can understand
that the time for some cycles, like preheat, will depend on how warm the
initial ingredients and the room are.  But not knead cycles.  I asked a guy
a Zoji this question, and got noplace.  He said that there is a more
expensive machine (seems a little strange, considering what a Zoji costs)
that has a more exact timer in it and does not have ranges.  Do you
understand this?

Thanks much!

Take care!


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