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Bread-bakers history

Reggie Dwork <reggie@jeff-and-reggie.com>
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 21:43:03 -0800
There has been several posts recently about bread machine vs hand made bread
and this mailing list.  Here is the history of the list...

It was originally begun by Jeff Beadles on 17 Nov 1990.  He called it "the
bread-makers mailing list" but it went out under the heading 
"bread Digest" and was a digest only list.  Jeff ran the list until 8 Nov
1992.  It was taken over by Jim Carey on 18 Jan 1993.  He ran it until 14
June 1995 when we took it over.

There was never any statement from any of the list owners restricting the
list to bread machines.  In fact there was any statement of policy from the
list owners until we took it over.  And what we said was:

>[Last updated on: Sun Jun 25 14:17:47 1995]
>Welcome to the Bread Bakers Mailing List.
>This list is for discussion and recipe exchange of hand and machine 
>made breads.  

While there was a very strong dominance of bread machine recipes in the
earlier days of the list there were hand made bread recipes as early as Feb
1991.  There probably was something about bread machines in the original
list announcement but we don't have it and don't know where we learned about
the list.  We have been on the list from the very beginning.  

We feel that this list is for bread baking by any method that you personally
want to use.  We welcome all methods and enjoy the diversity.  
By the way, the list started with 56 subscribers and now has over 3500

So, no matter how you make it - make bread and enjoy it and share it with
all the rest of us.

Happy bread baking,
Reggie & Jeff