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Karen Colosimo <kcolosim@admin.aurora.edu>
Mon, 2 Dec 1996 09:57:28 -0600 (CST)

I have followed this bread-bakers lists with interest and clipped many
receipes.  In the past, I made my own bread, but now am ready to purchase
a bread machine.  I have read about the Zoji' and wondered if there was
any place else to buy them other than King Arthur Flour?

Also, since I don't know if I will like the bread machine, I may want to
purchase something not quite as expensive for a time until I know whether
I like it.  The latest Good Housekeeping magazine had an article rating
different bread machines such as West Bend, Regal, Hitachi, Sanyo, Oster
and Panasonic which was their choice, Model SD-YD200/205.  With all the
Christmas ads for machines, I'm really confused.  Will someone care to
recommend which might be the best but less expensive machine?

Thank you in advance.

Karen Colosimo