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Teff-based Ethiopian bread

Susan Chapin <schapin@mitre.org>
Mon, 2 Dec 1996 09:16:37 -0500
> My son,
> who is visiting right now, claims that his local Ethiopian restaurant 
> rice flour or tef (?), rather than wheat flour.  Does anyone out there 
> what tef is?  Does anyone have experiece using all rice flour for this 
> of bread?  It's so good with the regular flour, I hate to mess with it.

Yes, teff is another grain, not a wheat.  It is very dark, and has really 
tiny kernels.  If you have ever tasted injera (that's the Ethiopian "edible 
dinner plate" you gave the recipe for) made with teff instead of wheat you 
will never want the wheat kind again.  In my favorite Ethiopian restaurant, 
Zed's in Georgetown, DC, they use wheat injera for the platter and teff 
injera for the portions you use to pick up the food, so one can taste them 
both in the same meal.

You can buy teff grain sometimes in health food stores, but for teff flour 
you need to go to an Ethiopian market (at least that is true in the 
Virginia suburbs of DC).

	- susan