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Fennel Bread w/raisins?

Sun, 01 Dec 1996 16:05:22 EST
Dear Bread Experts,
     On a recent trip to New York City, my sister visited Amy's
Breads on Ninth Avenue, and bought a loaf of a wonderful
Fennel Bread.  It is crusty, and has obviously been baked
on cornmeal, but we are not sure that there is actually
cornmeal in the bread.  The dough is yellow, and is full
of golden raisins.  My sister actually bought the _Amy's
Breads_ cookbook in the store, hoping for the recipe, but
it is not included.  Wegman's stores in upstate New York
sell a similar loaf of Fennel bread with golden raisins,
but it is not the same.
     Does anyone who knows this bread have a hand or machine
recipe for it?  (Although I'm a machine person, I have a
feeling true duplication would require hand-making and
oven-baking.  Drat!)  I can locate Fennel Bread recipes, but
none of them seems to be like this bread.
     Thanks for any help!  And in thanks, my next posting
will be a wonderful pumpernickle recipe to share!

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