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REQUEST: Quickbread Recipes

Bill <gfx4tv@acy.digex.net>
Sun, 01 Dec 1996 03:09:45 -0500
I just got a new bread machine, the Magic Chef Breadmaker.  This machine
being different from my last.  My old one was a DOS machine (no Windows),
my new one has a window :)

One of it's unique features is that it has a bake only cycle in addition to
a dough only cycle.  This makes it possible to make quick breads
(non-yeasted breads).  Besides that, there are recipes for rice, preserves
and apple butter, all done in the bake only cycle!

So I am asking list members to please post any quick bread recipes they may
have handy.  Especially wanted are a good Banana Nut Bread, Dark Applesauce
Bread and an authentic Irish Soda Bread.  Anything else interesting would
also be appreciated!

Thanks in advance and happy baking!

Bill C.