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Bread without the Machine

Cristi White <cristiw@ix.netcom.com>
Mon, 02 Dec 1996 07:45:07 +0000
Dear Ken and Elaine,
I make bread by hand probably on an almost daily basis.  I rarely buy bread.
I have a bread machine also but prefer to make bread by hand.  I do cheat a
little and use my Kitchen Aid for kneading!  I have tried almost every
recipe that calls for a bread machine manually and have had wonderful
results.  If you really love to make bread by hand, I would suggest getting
a book called "Bread Bakers" and there is also a "Bread Bakers 2."  Each is
filled with the most wonderful recipes!  One of these days, I will try to
post my favorite!

Glad to know there are other bread by hander's out there!

Cristi White
Plainfield, IL

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